Faith The Size of A Mustered Seed Can Move This Mountain

January 3, 2017

Yesterday I was out exploring in an area I haven’t been near in a bit of time. I took my dog Alfred and decided not to bring his leash. Well on our way to Pahrump we found a side street that just went off to an area that was pretty desolate.  I decided to just trust my faith and let Alfred run free as there was plenty for him to explore. I had my camera out and took some photos of him running toward me which was kind of cool. We sure did get to see some great scenery Continue reading

Photography and What it Means to Me

December 22, 2016

I can remember going back to being a young boy and having a love for photography. One year I had a choice between a new Apple computer or a 35mm camera. Well you can probably guess which one I chose. There’s something to be said about the freedom to roam different environments and capture photos that others may of viewed differently. That’s just one reason I love photography out of the many. As I started to take this love of mine more serious I became more proactive in my studies and found an area that I enjoy the most. Continue reading

My Model Mayhem Las Vegas Photographer Profile

December 18, 2016

It’s Saturday, and not too much going on right now, so I thought I’d share some of what I have going on. A fellow photographer friend of mine recently came over and was kind enough to share some very helpful information. We spent numerous hours going over the industry and I was blessed to have him as my guest. One of the important topics he discussed was how to brand yourself. Having a website dedicated to photography is one way. Another was to create a profile on Model Mayhem to find models to help build your portfolio. Of course we Continue reading

A great time for Holiday photos!!

December 12, 2016

With Christmas right around the corner this is a great time to make your appointments. This is a difficult time of the year with all the chaos the holiday brings. I’m glad to know the most important thing to remember during all of this is the birth of Christ. Having professional photography done is certainly a great way to bring together family and our pets. Photos also make for great gifts and are an easy way to share your memories for years to come. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to share in making those memories with your family Continue reading

Thumbtack Professional

December 8, 2016

I’ve recently started offering my services on and the response has started off great. I get to bid on many different sorts of photography gigs. I actually received my first incredible review from Lisa and her gang. Lisa came with three other of her real estate partners and man did we have a blast laughing and capturing some great photos. This opportunity for me brings great satisfaction and allows for me to grow as a photographer here in Las Vegas. So I’m proudly showing off my background verified badge from Thumbtack as a trusted professional. I look forward Continue reading

Canon EOS M5 24.2 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera

November 27, 2016

Compact. Powerful. Fast. The EOS M5 features the brilliant image quality you can expect from the EOS line of cameras, in a lightweight, portable design with fast autofocus and processing to help make sure you don’t miss that unforgettable shot. Whether you’re navigating the tight alleys of an old European city or enjoying the view after a strenuous hike, the EOS M5 will let you take advantage of every photo opportunity, more conveniently. Inside its rugged frame is a 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor that’s able to capture sharp, high-resolution images even in low-light situations. Easy to keep on hand Continue reading

Saved by Prayer

November 17, 2016

I decided to get out and venture downtown to Fremont Street a few nights ago. On my way there as I was exiting the freeway and had the opportunity to bless an individual at the light asking for money. I shared with him how important he was and encouraged him to keep putting his trust in God. He was very thankful and explained how hard he was trying to keep his faith. The experience was fruitful and I thanked the Lord for allowing me the chance to give back. As I arrived at Fremont Street there was so many things Continue reading

Long Exposure

November 14, 2016

Last night my love for photography brought me on a journey to the Las Vegas strip. For me some of my favorite photos are at night using long exposures. It requires a certain amount of patients to get the timing just right. The payoff is a photo with great light trails and time spent searching for just that right shot. I will continue seeking amazing landscapes to share and look forward to all of the opportunities being a photographer in Las Vegas has to offer.

I 15 Highway in Las Vegas

Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2016

America’s true heroes hands down are our troops. They have time after time risked their lives to protect all of our safety. I encourage all of you in your travels today to thank a Veteran and share a meal or whatever you feel could bless them. I just want the opportunity to bless any of the Veterans I may come across today. I love this country and thank each and everyone of you that devote your life to keeping us all safe. God bless America!