Who Is John Birmele?

John Birmele


Hey everyone I'm super excited to have you join me on my site. Here I plan to share details of all of the great things going on in my life. I've been on such a journey in life that I seriously want to just travel the world sharing with as many people as possible. Landscape photography and head shot photography is some of the most enjoyable times to be creative. There's a satisfaction to capturing those lasting memories. Have you ever stopped to think how incredibly blessed your life really is? There are so many individuals in this world that I believe go un noticed.  I'm perfectly ok with how I was born and I know that great things are to come from the Lord for me. Through my eyes I plan to share all of the amazing photographs I take as I expand my world of being a Las Vegas photographer. Being on the Las Vegas strip photographing the many beautiful sceneries there are is a great opportunity to meet new people and share my encouragement and my love for God. I look forward to meeting so many individuals from all over the world and expanding my portfolio as I take a huge leap of faith sharing my skills with others.  Never be afraid to ask me any questions as I love interacting with others and want all to be informed and have a pleasent experience meeting the great person I am.

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